Adhesive Tapes For Automotive

Adhesive tapes for the automotive sector used for first equipment, auxiliary industry, spare parts and after market sales.

Automotive adhesive tape por assembly and protection


  • Painting processes masking.
  • Protection during blasting processes.
  • Wraping of wirings.
  • Wiring marking and coding
  • Fixation of rear-view mirrors.
  • Assembly of moldings
  • Element protection against high temperatures
  • Vibration protection
  • Element protection during the assembly and/or transportation phase.
  • Bonding of emblems.
  • Fixation of interior panels.
  • Attachment of bulb housings

  • Fixing of interior panels
  • Acoustic damping
  • Sealing against water
  • Bonding of roofs.
  • Upholstery fixation
  • Decorative stickers
  • Protection of delicate pieces
  • Protection during welding processes
  • Component marking
  • Fastening and installation of carpets
  • Sealing against water for pilot lights.
  • Fixation of screws during the mounting process.

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