Adhesive Tapes for Graphic Arts

Trayma offers adhesive tapes and special products for the graphics sector, especially suitable for use in paper, flexographic printing, coal bunkers, manufacturing of forms, plastic, etc.

Adhesive tape for advertising panels


  • Splicing of paper or film splicing
  • Repulpable splicing processes
  • Coating of slip or non-slip step rollers.
  • Sliding or non-slip coating on step rollers.
  • Strapping of bobins.
  • Fixation at core start.
  • Fixation of clichés in flexographic printing.
  • Edging of cliché.s
  • Signalization and splice detection.

  • Gluing of samples
  • Fastening of bobin ends
  • Book and checkbook lining
  • Fixing of profiles
  • Preparation of forms
  • Photomontage processes
  • Sheet coating
  • Document protection
  • Splicing of siliconized papers
  • Preparation of folders and displays

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